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Research at CIES

Two major research streams:

1. Environmental Contamination and Natural Resources Management
The main aim of this research stream is to develop a database on the status of our environment in Hong Kong and also of the South China region, in order to make a subsequent assessment and to design strategies to protect our land and water resources, and to develop innovative bioremediation technologies for the clean up of contaminated soils and waters. The following are the major research directions:

     • Environmental Impact Assessment and Toxicological Assessment
     • Management of Derelict Lands
     • Water Treatment Technology
     • Biological Resources Management

2. Waste Treatment and Disposal Technologies
With the new and innovative technologies for the treatment and disposal of municipal and industrial solid waste in Hong Kong, our major efforts are devoted to the development of recycling technology for reutilization of useful residual resources in the waste. The following are the major research directions:

     • Management and Recycling of Organic Wastes for Green Food Production
     • Landfill Management