DR. QIU, Jianwen (邱建文)


B.Sc., Shandong College of Oceanology; M.Sc., First Institute of Oceanography, SOA; Ph.D., HKUST

Associate Professor at Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University

Rm. T1015; (852) 3411-7055

Email: qiujw@hkbu.edu.hk



  1. An empirical and modeling study of the demography of a commercially exploited sea urchin: Implications for stock management. Source: GRF, Hong Kong. Duration: 09/2010-08/2013. CoIs: Clemnt Dumount (HKU/Biological Sciences), Michael Ng (HKBU/Mathematics)
  2. A study of the ecology of the giant aea anemone Entracmaea quadricolor and its associated animals (Ref: 29/2009). Source: Environmental Conservation Fund, Hong Kong. Duration: 10/2010-04/2012. CoI: Keith Kei (HKBU-CIE)
  3. A study of the impact of intensive diving tourism on the marine environment of Hong Kong. Role: Co-I (PI: Dr Chung Shan-Shan). Source: Environmental Conservation Fund, Hong Kong. Duration: 06/2010-05/2012.
  4. Biological control of apple snails at West Rail wetlands. Source: MTR, Hong Kong. Duration: 06/2011-07/2013
  5. A study of the impact of apple snails on macrophytes, nutrients and chlorophyll in local wetlands. PI: J.W. Qiu. (Duration: 2007-2009. Source: Environmental Conservation Fund)
  6. A study of the biodiversity of coral associated polychaetes in Sharp Island. PI: J.W. Qiu. (Duration: 2008-2010. Source: Environmental Conservation Fund)
  7. Impact of sea urchin bioerosion on coral communities in Hong Kong. PI: J.W. Qiu. (Duration: 2009-2010. Source: Environmental Conservation Fund)


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