PROF. WONG, Chris Kong Chu (黃港住)


B.Sc., HKBU; Ph.D., HKU

Professor and Head of Deparment of Biology,

Director of Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences,

Hong Kong Baptist University

Rm. T704A; (852) 3411-7053




  1. General Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2010-13, The Identification of Stanniocalcin-1 Target Cells and the Characterization of the In-Situ Ca2+-Sensing and Transport Mechanisms in Gill Epithelial Cells of Japanese Eels.
  2. General Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2008-11, Study on the osmosensing mechanisms in gill cells of Japanese eels.
  3. Collaborative Research Fund, CRF 2009-12, Environmental Screening, Computational and Biological Characterization of Endocrine Disruptors, in Respect to Receptor Binding, Embryo and Gonad.

Molecular Endocrinology and Physiology

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Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

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